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low UF RO System Effluent Treatment Plan

Welcome to the Richa Environmental Services Pvt Ltd- A home of quality Effluent Treatment and Sewage Treatment Plants in Delhi NCR India

We design develop and manufacture the Effluent Wastewater Treatment plants such as Effluent Treatment plant Sewage treatment plants commonly known as ETP  WTP STP with latest  and innovative technology like MBBR to treat effluent generated from your Industry.

We do supply Media and diffusers for  Effluent water  treatment plant and  Sewage wastewater treatment plants such as fine bubble, coarse bubble, tube settler, Lamella media.

Our company has been trusted by big brands for achieving the desired results in terms of BOD COD TSS pH TDS Color.

Feel Free to contact us for your Industry specific solution related to Lamella clarifier, Effluent Treatment  Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant,  providing high quality STP ETP WTP at dirt Cheap  prices with no compromise in  standards  hence cost effective solutions are our forte.

Effluent Treatment Plants Manufacturer

Projects large or small we give our clients innovative, practical, and cost effective solution.

We are Richa Environmental Services Private limited a company of water and wastewater Engineers, specializing  in the design and manufacturing  of wastewater treatment equipment and water treatment 
( STP , ETP , MBBR , SBR , MBR , Lamella Clarifier , PSF , ACF , Dual media Filter , DAF )

Situated in Delhi NCR India, Our goal is enhancing your life and maintaining your brand's value with Richa Environmental' s  product which  comes with great benefits, values and promise.

Richa Environmental' s  philosophy revolves around  maintaining the standards of brands,  sticking to the pure environmental engineering fundamentals.

It is to understand our customers and to offer optimum solutions and new experiences through ceaseless innovation, thus helping our customers lead better lives.

The company aims to provide efficient and cost effective solutions to meet the clients’ needs through innovation and technological advancement. Richa Environmental Services Private Limited Excels in business conduct and embraces best practices in corporate governance.

Leading Manufacturer, Design, Exporter, installation , Sewage Treatment Plant manufacturer , Effluent Treatment Plants manufacturer , Wastewater Treatment Plants supplier , Membrane Bioreactor , Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) , compact Sewage Treatment Plant , PETP Primary Effluent Treatment Plants , New Delhi , India

Zero Liquid Discharge ZLD is accomplished by the combination of UF  ultra filtration Plus RO reverse osmosis  and other advance treatments in Effluent Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment plants Manufacturer

Leading Manufacturer Exporter & Supplier in New Delhi India for Sewage Treatment Plants Effluent Treatment Plants

Pioneer in Water and Waste water treatment plants Effluent treatment plants and Recycling Plants
In low price we provide the best plant

Compact Effluent Treatment Plant

Compact Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer

There is a strong correlation between BOD / COD ratio and treatment efficiency of any wastewater treatment plant . Along with BOD , COD other factors affecting treatment plants are TSS , TDS , heavy metals , color , pH , smell etc. Best effluent treatment plant is therefore designed by taking into account all inlet parameters and correlating them with the technology used. Everybody whosoever is associated with any industry is aware of these small but effective parameters , Our ETP is designed by correlating these parameters mathematically.

Free Environment from pollutants by installing our engineering based Effluent Treatment Plants.
BOD 5 = 0.68 X COD for designing of sewage water treatment and waste water treatment plants , Our Treatment Plants are mathematically precise plants taking into consideration all engineering , physical , chemical and biological aspects of the industrial effluents as well as for the sewage waste water , Efficiency of our treatment plants is the main highlight

Cheap Effluent Treatment Plant

PETP Primary Effluent Treatment Plant manufacturer

For Polluting industrial units across the country We install PETP Primary Effluent Treatment Plants with all functional reactors.

Located in Rohini New Delhi India

Contact us  for specific solution

Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer

Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer

Moving Bed Bioreactor MBBR Manufacturer

MBBR is the latest and widespread technology for the effluent treatment plants and Sewage treatment plant - MBBR based wastewater treatment plant uses the surface area provided by the bio film / mbbr media for the growth of bacteria  

Low Cost and Cheap STP ETP Manufacturer with quality. 
Our products are the best in the market , known for their treatment efficiency , mathematical modeling of the process and engineering design , Our treatment plants are capable of handling High BOD COD rate , TSS , TDS , treatment of heavy metals from the industrial wastewater , chloride fluoride removal , iron removal

cheap sewage water treatment plant

Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer

How Sewage Water can be recycled?

We are the leading expert for the Treatment of home sewage wastewater. We are the best and latest technology provider for STP. Our Treatment Plants are the outcome of engineering design and calculations. Save Environment and save water by recycling waste generated by your Industry, factory, Residential Complex and Commercial Buildings.

50 KLD STP Platinum - Tension Free

SBR ETP STP Technology Design Calculations

Factory Setup

Lamella Clarifier

lamella Clarifier is used for removing solids from the liquid ie solid liquid separation - Applications of lamella clarifier include : for Removing TSS from the wastewater - removing flocs from the biological reactor - removing flocs after the coagulation and flocculation treatment

wastewater treatment plants

Dairy Industry Effluent Treatment Plants , Wastewater treatment plant

Dairy waste water Industry includes 

Whole milk, Skim milk, Buttermilk, 

Cream, Evaporated milk, Whey 

Ice cream

Zero liquid discharge ZLD Effluent treatment plant

ZLD is an advanced effluent wastewater treatment method that executes a combination of filtration methods. This includes ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, evaporation / crystallization, and fractional electro deionization.

Zero-liquid discharge ZLD is a water and wastewater  treatment process in which all wastewater is treated purified and recycled, leaving zero discharge at the end of the treatment cycle or no liquid will be discharged outside Industry or Factory.

ZLD UF plus RO multiple Effect Evaporator
efficient low cost sewerage treatment plant feel free to contact us for Effluent Treatment Plants , Sewage treatment Plant , Lamella clarifier , DAF , Pressure Sand filter , Activated Carbon filter , Membrane Bioreactor , MBBR , Ultrafiltration package type sewage treatment plant , compact and small wastewater treatment plant mobile wastewater treatment system , low cost effluent treatment plants ( low operational cost ETP )

Effluent treatment plant for bakery potato chips foods

Effluent Treatment Plant for Cake and Bakery products Manufacturers and other Industries

Sources of Wastewater Effluent

Cleaning operations ( equipment and floor cleaning ) High loading and fluctuating flow Contains oil and grease , Flour , Sugar, yeast. Wastewater from Cake Plant has higher strength Due to nature of operation Wastewater Effluent Strength changes at different operational time. Challenges associated with bakery wastewater lacks nutrients Low nutrient value gives ratio BOD:Nitronge:P = 284:1:2 approx

• Presence of oil and grease lowers the oxygen transfer

• Toxicity caused by detergent during cleaning

These challenges lead to the resistance of the effective treatment.

Contact us for Effective treatment of Bakery  products  STP ETP MBBR Sewage Treatment plant Effluent treatment plant

fine bubble diffuser.JPG
  • Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers 

  • Disc Diffusers

  • Coarse Bubble Diffusers

  • Bio Pac Media

  • Tube Pac Media /Tube Deck

  • SAFF Media

  • MBBR Media for STP ETP Price Rs 10500/- per m3

  • Bio tower media

  • Dual Media Filter MGF

  • Ion Exchange Treatment

  • Zero Discharge Industrial waste water treatment Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewerage treatment plant Manufacturers India Delhi NCR

Activated Carbon Filter

Pressure Sand Filter STP ETP WTP

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